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Earring Product Launch

For the 1st time we are offering a new product at Michelle K Boutique & Gifts via a video link! These fun little earrings are light and easy to wear while offering a little style to your outfit. These have been designed with a felt backdrop so you can mix and match with items inContinue reading “Earring Product Launch”

The Person Behind the Mobile Shop

I was born in the early 1970’s in a little country town called Kempsey in NSW. With a slightly different beginning to most, I was adopted out at 2 weeks old to my current parents who had already adopted a boy before me. It is a story that others might find familiar, but it connectsContinue reading “The Person Behind the Mobile Shop”

Fashion and Value for Money

When you step into a clothing shop and have a budget to stick to it’s important to purchase item’s that hold there value and you can get the most wear out off. Option 1 Our stylish cotton navy shift dress is natural backdrop for adding layers that allow for more fashion choices which gives theContinue reading “Fashion and Value for Money”

The Modern Working Mum

My mobile fashion business has me looking at new ways of connecting with people and learning new things. Things back in 1995 seemed a lot simpler for a small fashion boutique compared to now. It only seems like yesterday that my mum and I opened up our little dream boutique in the south western suburbsContinue reading “The Modern Working Mum”

Time at the Hairdresser

If you are anything like me finding time to book your hair appointment ahead of time can be a challenge. Today was the day for me and I feel like a new woman. Dedicating time in my schedule to sit in the chair for a couple of hours to get the right colour in myContinue reading “Time at the Hairdresser”

Brisbane Fashion Events for a New Year

2020 was a difficult year for all of us, as we venture into a new world defined by social distancing and safe practices. We would like to let our customers know we are open for business. It’s a good time to set up a date for your next social activity with your friends for someContinue reading “Brisbane Fashion Events for a New Year”

Clutter, be gone with you!

Hands up if you find your clothes bursting out of the wardrobe? Here we are looking at the end of February so no more excuses it’s time to kick start good habits. Let’s begin by breaking things down to make this job a little easier. When you buy something new move an item out toContinue reading “Clutter, be gone with you!”

Fashion and Friends

Did you know that us girls love to have a chat? As we journey through life we experience many changes, the one thing that I believe remains the same is how women enjoy an opportunity to connect with others and chat. Let’s talk about how fashion brings this group of ladies together in this imageContinue reading “Fashion and Friends”