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Fashion and Value for Money

When you step into a clothing shop and have a budget to stick to it’s important to purchase item’s that hold there value and you can get the most wear out off.

Option 1

Our stylish cotton navy shift dress is natural backdrop for adding layers that allow for more fashion choices which gives the illusion of new outfits. I have added a necklace in this image but a long flowing sleeveless vest would world also look fabulous.

Option 2

This fun black and white light weight kaftan style top can be worn over a shift dress, pants or even a skirt so once again adding layers to your clothing item of choice gives you more options to work with.

Published by Michelle K Boutique & Gifts

I have always been InTouch with my creative side throughout the decades and moved through many mediums and crafts over my years. My work experience began in children's services then opened up Michelle K Boutique & Gits back in 1995 with my mum and we merged from a shop front into the mobile fashion business. I left retail for a period of time and worked in adult education where I was fortunate to have a go at graphic design and multimedia roles developing workshop, photography filming and mini documentaries. I am now back full time as owner operator of our family mobile fashion business with my husband. We share the roles in life and work as we learn and grow our business.

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