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The Modern Working Mum

Looking the part for all the roles in our life

My mobile fashion business has me looking at new ways of connecting with people and learning new things. Things back in 1995 seemed a lot simpler for a small fashion boutique compared to now.

It only seems like yesterday that my mum and I opened up our little dream boutique in the south western suburbs of Brisbane, our little shop in the main street of Oxley was a cute little place to drop in for a chat and find a unique little outfit. We didn’t have access to online shopping or marketing our product online, or the option to take photos op our fashion and upload them to our social media platforms.

So as a mother of a strong soon to be 11 year old daughter and wife to my partner in life and business, I juggle all the roles in my life as many of us do. I pop on an outfit that makes me feel confident and in control and slap on some makeup and put on a bright face to explore all the new challenges ahead of me. I start a blog post to connect back to my website that will filter traffic to my Facebook page that will highlight my business product to attract new customers all this to set up bookings to for my mobile Brisbane Fashion Boutique to pop up around South East Brisbane.

Published by Michelle K Boutique & Gifts

I have always been InTouch with my creative side throughout the decades and moved through many mediums and crafts over my years. My work experience began in children's services then opened up Michelle K Boutique & Gits back in 1995 with my mum and we merged from a shop front into the mobile fashion business. I left retail for a period of time and worked in adult education where I was fortunate to have a go at graphic design and multimedia roles developing workshop, photography filming and mini documentaries. I am now back full time as owner operator of our family mobile fashion business with my husband. We share the roles in life and work as we learn and grow our business.

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