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Fashion Research

I have dedicated time today to research the fashion styles ladies are wearing and what items of clothing are most popular.

Have you made changes to your style lately?

Popular list

  • Jeans
  • Capri and cropped pants
  • Leggings
  • Tees
  • Statement tops
  • Casual dresses

I like to talk to our customers to find our what they want, what they find comfortable and what they want to purchase. After a recent conversation while out and about at one of our mobile fashion events in Brisbane I spoke to a lovely lady who mentioned the reason why she favours tops and bottoms to dress:

In my younger years I was always working and had to wear dresses, I wasn’t aloud to wear slacks to work’.

unamend customer from onsite at Michelle K Boutique & Gifts mobile Brisbane boutique

For women 60+ I have seen tops and bottoms become our most popular selling items so this has influenced the range we have on offer. We still have ladies who enjoy wearing a comfortable casual dress and I would have to say I like to as well!

Ladies fashion clothing cotton pant and casual
Ladies casual top and pant fashion
ladies clothing vest and pant



Published by Michelle K Boutique & Gifts

I have always been InTouch with my creative side throughout the decades and moved through many mediums and crafts over my years. My work experience began in children's services then opened up Michelle K Boutique & Gits back in 1995 with my mum and we merged from a shop front into the mobile fashion business. I left retail for a period of time and worked in adult education where I was fortunate to have a go at graphic design and multimedia roles developing workshop, photography filming and mini documentaries. I am now back full time as owner operator of our family mobile fashion business with my husband. We share the roles in life and work as we learn and grow our business.

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